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Abdelhamid Niati
4 min readMay 19, 2021

It is in times of crisis that our creativity is tested. The greater the crisis, the more difficult the situation, and the more it is necessary to find the right words; the right tone, and the right strategy.

1- Never interrupt your communication

The latest events have shown us the fragility of certain companies with too weak communication. This pitfall, I have already dealt with it in a previous article. Whether you are, Community Manager, Content Manager, or owning your own business, you know one thing: your community will always come to help you. They’re more than clients, they part of the company of the team.

Why create a community is so important?

When you develop a product or a service, you certainly want to make a living from it, but above all, you know that you have the solution to many problems. You have only one desire: to make the finished product available to others.

The best idea will always still an idea as long as the deliverable is not proposed and adopted. (Abdelhamid NIATI)

That being said, your product once adopted needs to be identified. You have to personify and embody your product or service. This is the reason why you see so many entrepreneurs and even employees talking about what they do, what they offer, and what they bring. Beyond the promotion, these people talk about themselves. Speaking transparently is one of the keys to the success of your product, service, and more broadly your entrepreneurial adventure.

You talk to users about your product or service and thereby create a very close bond with them. Always listening, in the comments, trolls put aside, are either an area for improvement or congratulations or both: You won!

Well, not quite because you should never rest on your laurels, and listening to your community allows you not to take everything for granted and correct what needs to be.

Communication doesn’t just happen one way. Events, even more so when they are exceptional and unexpected, are an opportunity to test your creativity and maintain this connection with your customers. The ordeal is here, but for those who are alive: live!

2. Live! live 100%

Communicate on channels that you had set aside. Facebook is good, but it’s become an interactive gallery again if you don’t have a strategy: you need to create groups for more interactions and conversion rate. Pour your Energy on Twitter, create on Instagram, and TikTok.

Yes, you read TikTok correctly. It’s not just cat videos, it’s also a lot of creativity. The constraint of the format leads you to hit the mark. Get to the point and think about your targets.

How do you want them to feel? Happiness?

Do everything and you will visualize this happiness.

There are many examples of companies that have gone digital very early or even from their birth and are weathering the crisis better than others. We often think of startups, but I will talk about a bookseller who from the first hours of confinement offered a bicycle delivery system. It was very successful.

How did he made it?

From the beginning of his business, he made his bookstore a meeting place and therefore a place of destination. Concerts, shared workshops, signing sessions, Super Mario games as part of a gaming evening …

He created a community.

He will recognize himself in these lines. Likewise, he did one thing:

3. Never forget your « why » !

Why do you get up in the morning? What prompts you to move away from the heat of the bed to excel upright?

We are not designed to lie down all the time, or even stay in one place. We are programmed to move forward and create. You think an idea is a miracle, but it is not because it has always been there. You have searched your soul like a Socrates and inner maieutics, self-brainstorming (which is not a brainstorm but a response of a stormed brain). So ask yourself the right questions and the answers will come.

This famous why it will allow you to become aware of the alignment of your values ​​in what you do and who you are. Personal and professional values ​​must be aligned. Decisions at variance with personal or professional values ​​generate conflict and therefore disorder. So never forget why you started your business and why you are doing it, but also for whom. First, think of yourself and refocus on your values ​​so as not to get lost. Knowing the needs of others and being able to listen to them is first to know yourself well and take stock of yourself regularly.

Your values ​​situate you in the universe and your relationships with others. They also allow you to project yourself and go through all situations.

It comes back to Maslow and what makes you tick. This dear Maslow, seriously studied, studied motivation, and questioned the why.

So the solution is in what you think is a problem!

Abdelhamid NIATI

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Abdelhamid Niati

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