Creativity is the key!

Abdelhamid Niati
3 min readMay 30, 2019

Creativity is the key to any entrepreneurial success. Since the human is, he creates, builds, innovates. Alone or in a group he creates to survive, comfort or improve his daily life. For example, the invention of the phone reduced distances and permitted to recover the lifetime which was spent on long journeys. Later, still connected to this same phone, the Internet and more broadly the combo “blog + social networks” has freed creativity and shared that with a population that exceeds its close entourage (the phone does not remain at his use of voice transport: it evolved). Yet to see some websites or applications, there is a glaring lack of creativity: not important that the user passes a good or a bad time, as long as the service exists. You create your “Facebook Page”, the famous Facebook page; either on your own initiative or on the advice of people who are not more expert than you in the matter, thinking that everything is done and that your activity will be known because seen by thirty people. Among these people, you invited your Facebook friends, your digital friends, to like your page, which gives a few people interested in your activity.

At this point in the article, I ask you to look at the number of invitations to like pages you have received and which you have not answered.

You will be impressed to see all these invitations … no response from you because they are like bottles to the sea. Like a page or a person’s account must mean that the product or service interests you and that the sender has taken the time to explain this business and invites you to be part of his entrepreneurial or artistic adventure.

Regarding people who stop creating a page on Facebook, I regret and honestly tell you that you are not very creative because if you were, you would have implemented a strategy worthy of the name, create a logo, visuals, a website with colors and appearance that looks like you. Much more than a digital window shop, an interface which says who you are and invites to interact. You can tell your story, tell more about your products and services, interact with visitors of your site, in a few words: create a community. This will be your bulwark against the intruders but will be especially there to make known your products and ultimately become the best ambassadors of your brand. Storytelling is essential and therefore essential to captivate emotion.

Do you understand?

You are no longer alone and you allow others to create content and co-create with you. Your business is no longer seen as an unreachable entity. It has become an open and innovative place. The cornerstone of innovation is the sharing of information and the convergence of minds. Your digital presence will be the relay of your site and its complement. This will allow you to show your creativity, on Instagram for example, by creating posts in the colors that are yours and allow to be identified and win a membership. Hashtags will mark your universe and your values. It’s all about content and your digital business is only about content. This content will be read, seen and shared and it is only it which can create an emotional relationship between your brand, your company and people who make up your community, those in the making. To sum up, the people who make your business life by interacting with you must become part of your story. They must be able to add their touches. That’s exactly what you need to do: create creativity and constructive feedback. Here we are talking about story making and we are talking about community!

More broadly, your creativity will lead you not to compete with a giant like Amazon but rather to respond in the brightest ways to one or even pain points that people have lived for decades. This same creativity will prevent you from spending colossal amounts on sponsored posts. These, too used, do not bring you much more and even the opposite and cost you a lot: The most you do, the most the cost increases. Think about the content, think about yourself and do things your way: your conversion rate and your results will be surprising.

“Think Different”: well-known slogan. I add: “Think Creativity”

Creativity is the key to everything!



Abdelhamid Niati

Writer, content manager and business coach. I am also the Head of people and the Content Manager for a non profit organisation created in Africa.