You’ll Never walk Alone!

Abdelhamid Niati
3 min readMay 25, 2021


On May 25, Liverpool your club returned to the forefront by postponing the Champions League during a crazy match. Liverpool dominated by the great AC Milan turned the tide on that day. They returned to their place, among the greatest, by winning the Champion’s League.

I am telling this but I was not there. I was at your side the days before this victory. Time stopped, we were no longer in the same dimension as the rest of the world. Your family was around you. Your closed eyelids moved slightly as I slipped my words into the hollow of your right ear and we were hand in hand. Mom moistened your lips. It was then that I saw the strength of our parents, the strength of their love, the greatness of their hearts.

We were waiting for a miracle, but It didn’t come. On the morning of May 25, Papa who lived in your hospital room with you (with the agreement of the medical profession) came to tell us about your death. His words still echo in my head.

I did not see this game I was talking about at the start but I will remember that day. You who loved the sun, the 25th was very sunny. Hundreds of people were present to show their love. We gathered around the dish that is best shared: couscous. During this evening, a man arrived, looking like a homeless man, he was walking towards us but not saying a word. His gaze said something quite different. he was trying to hide his sadness. While some people were wondering what he was doing there, a friend, a brother, made room for him on a table and gave a plate of this delicious couscous which he immediately brought to his mouth. At that precise moment, I understood that he knew you and as you always did, he was fed that evening. You never said anything but you fought against injustice with the cry of the lion by feeding the needy, by taking the defense of the weakest. This same May 25 your club to the cry of sound: you’ll never walk alone. Created the feat and sent you a message.

Me your little brother. The one to whom you wrote a check for 800 francs for gifts, became a man. The one for whom you made a glass chess board because you knew my love for this game. The one who loves you. I didn’t ask you and didn’t think it could be done but you did it with your own hands.
You gave without waiting for a request because you read the hearts of others. Your love for humanity and the divine as well as all your actions for the poor, disabled, sick and others are listed. You flooded others with your love and roared against injustices.
To you Mohamed the worthy of praise. You will have it forever.

The miracle is there: the world has taken cognizance of the beauty of your soul and wished to say goodbye with a beautiful sun and a victory because victorious you will remain!

Your little brother who comes to visit you in Algeria.

Abdelhamid: your little brother who loves you so much. You will never walk alone my brother.

Abdelhamid NIATI
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