Work or suffer?

Abdelhamid Niati
3 min readAug 23, 2021


Traditional employment, the job description, a Checklist of our professional activities. I’ve always been overwhelmed by this list. I dared to cross the line, to overflow, but there is nothing I can do about it. Envy, life, creativity drives me to create more than what is asked of me. Called to order, to the list, I was threatened with dismissal or being put in the closet. A rectangular shape, a frame. In a closet, we put things in it, we take other things, sometimes those that we put in, locked up, and sometimes the too fiery talents that we wanted to channel. It’s like this door, you cannot stay parked at the frame level, neither inside nor outside. A force invites us to go out or to stay, on the condition that we keep our distance. Sometimes and often even the frame explodes. I am the frame. I do not survive, I live. Furthermore, I am finally free. After years of contortions, I came out of a glass cube, the contours of my existence, and can move as I see fit. One look at the glass cube and I say; Why? Is this my life? Is it me? I am more than that. To work is not to suffer or to obey without thinking. I’m thirsty for a challenge, so I challenge myself every day.
To work for me is to create, to be, and to remain creative, but above all to share on a daily basis. Share what I learn, what I do, what I create. In me resides an artist in a flow situation who takes so much pleasure in doing what he does that the verb to work is too restricted to define me. I don’t work, I have fun. I improve my daily life and that of others.

With the spongy nature, I absorb the good energies and reject the bad ones. Positive I am, positive I will stay because it was in the greatest of hardship called disease that I created my website, wrote my first articles, and created my company.

The constraint of illness was fading in the face of my desire to always do more.
Today my “always more” has led me for 10 years to work in Europe, Africa, and Florida. Asia tomorrow, I hope. The world? With pleasure. I am hungry to meet and share because at home to work is to create and share.

Wealth is in sharing.

We are programmed to move forward and to create. I don’t have dreams, but only goals that I enjoy achieving. I don’t sense the areas of friction and concession in a hierarchy. I share a kingdom with clients who are kings and queens in my home. No concession, tailor-made, is the order of the day.
Dare to think of yourself, dare to be you, and do not suffer. Be the main actors of your existence. Work should be synonymous with pleasure and alignment with one’s own values.

My job consists in help companies to grow their business and as a volunteer to help individuals to find the job they deserve or build their own companies

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Abdelhamid Niati

Writer, content manager and business coach. I am also the Head of people and the Content Manager for a non profit organisation created in Africa.