Abdelhamid Niati
1 min readMar 11, 2023

The rose is my mom. A flower that the world has had the immense pleasure of seeing bloom and embrace olfactorily and visually. My eternal, my deep love, to you mom, I cannot write too much, nor describe too much, because 1000 lives, I will need.

Your pink vest matching your cheeks suited you perfectly, and the softness of your voice resonates in me like the most beautiful symphony that has ever existed. Also, I, your son, your baby as you liked to call me, I’m writing you a letter or rather trying as the emotion is strong.

Your son loves you with such an intensity that in distant galaxies this love must be felt.

To you my mother, to you my eternal, I will not write too much and will conclude with these words:

I like you!
Your son Abdelhamid

Abdelhamid NIATI

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Abdelhamid Niati

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