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Abdelhamid Niati
3 min readDec 19, 2022


Why of course? Knowing the same hours, the same workplace, the same colleagues for 40 years, anyone?

I don’t, and I think the same goes for you. I am what is called an atypical course, a slasher. Furthermore, I add to it on legs, but above all not atypical, just human with desires, many desires to satisfy. These desires would be nothing without encounters, therefore mutual enrichment, but also new opportunities and new avenues to explore.

We are programmed to move forward!

Here’s aproof: Put a human on a desert island. Do you honestly think he’s going to stay on the beach, basking in the pill? It won’t for several reasons.
On the one hand, he will quickly meet a lady with sunstroke, and alone on an island, you can leave your skin there.
On the other hand, he will be hungry and will then have to quickly, but then very quickly rush to get food, protect himself, and find a place to sleep: this human will adapt. He will then model his environment to make it more pleasant for him, but above all to gain comfort.

The word creativity does not only apply to the world of the arts. Here, let’s stop at the word itself. A word modeled on English creativity whose birthdates back to 1948 and adopted in 1971 by the French Academy. More than a word, it is a process that can be:
Internal :

Finally, in case of pressing desire, even on an island, he will do it behind a bush, otherwise goodbye to the beautiful fine sandy beach.
The image of the desert island shows you that you can do a lot of things with little, a lot of desire, creativity, and especially with action. Be careful, however, not to see everything through the prism of survival.
A permanent, but stressful effort, will not bring you much except health problems and can cut you off from your social life. You have to measure your efforts, record your successes and define your objectives to see how to achieve them, with whom, and with what.

If you want to undertake, create your activity: make your business plan.
Navigating by sight may do the trick when choosing a meal at a restaurant, but not for your professional future.

We are programmed to move forward, and that is why you have felt or will want to change your life. Quit your job, tired of hearing your N+1 dictate your behavior, even infantilize you.

By passing through the 6 levels of DILTS, you will have to go find the interferences and unblock them to finally live and find the alignment that you miss so much. Your life is not a default path, but a matter of choices and desires. It’s up to you to list them and prioritize them according to what you want. Put on what’s important to you.

A useful tool to align yourself. If one of the levels fails, the whole pyramid shakes, so act on one layer to repair another.

At the top of this pyramid, there are the answers to the question that many humans ask themselves.

What do you really want?

How and when do you want to achieve it?

These questions must be asked for the highest good of your alignment, of your own person. You can also meet with a certified professional coach to question and clear interference between you and… You!

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Abdelhamid Niati

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