Stop Asking! Start Taking!

Abdelhamid Niati
3 min readFeb 16, 2020


The human being is, by nature, a being who constantly pushes his limits and who is programmed to move forward and adapt constantly. You never stop a swing except when the trajectory is bad. Often people do not dare to apply for a job because they do not feel legitimate. Worse still, they are in demand position because we too often hear the term jobseeker; look at this term, closer, closer still, are you there is it good? Where do you see a person applying for a job as soon as they send their resumes a good part of their existence, work is done, trips made to perform these tasks? There are also diplomas, all the skills. This person is not asking! It offers … its added value, its added value, its« zest of existence ».

But the digital makes it possible to reverse the balance of power!

It is only possible if you take stock and know yourself well. As a job manager, I have often said and repeated that it is useless to apply for anything and everything, to be desperate to the point of no longer believing in yourself while looking at your resume allows you to be satisfied with your existence. So many resumes sent at random are like bottles in the sea which, with the movement of the tide, will return to their starting point.

You are not on a deserted island, so refocus on your person and your ecosystem, your desires, and your goals.

1: Start by getting to know yourself


  • Write your best achievements (even the one you think is small)
  • Quantify and qualify everything you’ve done so far: the numbers will speak for you.
  • Teach what you know because knowledge is only worth sharing. How do you share that knowledge? First, talk about it, and create a blog to share. Better yet, integrate a structure to transmit (there is no shortage of associations) and perfect your way of transmitting.

From that moment you know yourself better, and you can tell, you tell.

2: Write your personal legend

Storytelling is your ally and your personal legend is written. Over time, the more you transmit, the more you will feel confident. You will see that you are writing your own life, and that other people will be writing it for you as well. You will see gratitude in your eyes and hear “thanks”. Likewise, you can, therefore, set yourself ever higher goals.

3: Be ambitious

There is nothing arrogant, on the contrary. When you learned to ride a bike as a child, once you found the balance, you couldn’t stop. It’s the same here, you’ll always want more. Ambitious is good, but on the condition that you are persistent and never stray from your goals. Plan your goals and start with what you really want. When you’re very hungry, you eat a lot, so don’t be too shy. That’s why your goals should be:

S: simple. Do not go into complexity. The path to your goals should be similar to a straight line.

M: Measurable: measure your actions (this will help you quantify what you are doing)

A: Acceptable or rather very ambitious. The greater the challenge, the more you will want to challenge yourself.

A: Connected to your dreams because they are more realistic than you think.

T: Temporarily defined with levels and dates to be respected

All this is similar to the sport that requires regularity and discipline.

Never doubt yourself!

Your storytelling begins

You feel less isolated, certainly stronger, and you will never ask for anything again.

Where are you with your digital activity?

What are you waiting for to create and take control of your life?

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Abdelhamid Niati

Writer, content manager and business coach. I am also the Head of people and the Content Manager for a non profit organisation created in Africa.