One life, One reflex


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Why Frida?

1 Human beings are programmed to move forward.

2 Listen to one’s desires, and one’s vision of things, otherwise one runs the risk of diluting one’s desires with those of others and no longer finding meaning in what one does.

3 Ask the child what you have been and what he would think if you gave up: he would be able to remind you that in all the falls of childhood, the daredevil side must serve one thing: go from there. ‘Before!

4 This same child is you today. He is always there. Take the time to ask yourself what he would like, to dialogue with him to keep meaning and alignment in what you do and who you are.**

Abdelhamid NIATI

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Abdelhamid Niati

Writer, content manager and business coach. I am also the Head of people and the Content Manager for a non profit organisation created in Africa.