Live or Suffer?

Abdelhamid Niati
3 min readDec 24, 2019

First of all, living is existing, breathing. To live is above all to decide to have a choice. We make choices all along with our lives and we make them constantly. Making a choice is not limited to flipping a coin because life is not binary and does not boil down to yes or no, true or false. Existence is more nuanced. In the relationship with your life, everything is in the nuance. This nuance is defined as degrees of transition in color or even in the music you listen to.

Take this test: listen to a song you like and draw in the nuances (tell me in the comments the title of the song and when the sound is more or less strong and which instruments stand out the most — I invite you to share).

These nuances are drawn by us and listening too much to the others we ignore these nuances to focus on binary actions. Life is more than choosing a pill to swallow (even if we all take red or dream of taking it).

So instead of being forced to make choices, let’s draw them!

Let’s talk about your job now

Hearing or saying that we don’t like our job or that several things about the same job are wrong. Every day, the speech sounds like a broken record, not feeding colleagues who say the same thing as you (infinite negativity).

I have two questions for you:

1-What are you still doing at this job?

Here we’re talking about your relationship to fear. Fear is an exceptional survival mechanism in the face of danger. This is effective when the danger is present, otherwise, we are faced with an irrational fear in the face of a supposed future danger, but nothing certain. Here, fear blocks you and the only danger that may await you is to earn less (are you satisfied with your salary?). It blocks you with “ifs” and “buts”. It is at this precise moment that you have to surpass yourself and in front of very real danger, your body at its maximum, you will surpass yourself. So go find your limits to surpass them.

2-What do you have in common with your colleagues?

This raises questions about team spirit and collective intelligence. How do you work with people with whom you have no chemistry? Nothing in common except a grudge and spending your time fighting and anticipating low masses. An exhausting and in no way rewarding activity.

Things will only change if you want to and do it!

First of all, cultivate the passion that drives you and if you no longer see the time you spend devoting yourself to it this is precisely what your career should be heading towards.

Secondly, pass on this passion to others, share it and you will only feel better.

Your passion will lead you to the top.

Choose a job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life. Confucius

I go further: choose an activity that you enjoy and you will not have to endure for the rest of your life (Abdelhamid Niati)

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