Get a job with LinkedIn? Here’s what to do …


🎯 Opt for assertiveness: a middle position by addressing others as your equals

🎯LinkedIn is a social network, a professional network, so showcase your expertise:

1. By creating a network

2. By creating content that affirms your expertise within this same network

🎯 Do not post to post, but post to benefit others and yourself

🎯 Don’t throw a bottle overboard with SOS like “I tried everything…”.

Question: are you sure you have tried everything?

Have you been creative in improving your action: opt for continuous improvement

🎯 Build on your strengths

Finally, the network is in a way the hidden market, and it is more important than the visible market.

Have you tried everything?

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Abdelhamid NIATI — Your coach

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Abdelhamid Niati

Writer, content manager and business coach. I am also the Head of people and the Content Manager for a non profit organisation created in Africa.