Behind the ordeal, victory!

Abdelhamid Niati
2 min readApr 5, 2021

Hope never dies. Keep doing what you love to do. We can discover new talents because creativity has no limit. Like Stephen Hawking who was confined in his own body (see the brain and psycho April 2020) pushed the limits of his mind beyond his able-bodied peers.

We evolve according to encounters but above all obstacles and trials. The test is inescapable, like a wall erected on the road to existence. It may take time, but the obstacle can be overcome. It is precise during this ascent that one rises and that one discovers unsuspected strengths and capacities.

Once the ordeal is over, we smile more easily at life because it forges us, perfects us, and breaks down the walls of fear that we refuse to face. The mortal condition thus appears, even if we are rather immortals because our actions live after us. We are becoming more creative and there is no need for large spaces to express creativity. A pen and paper are sufficient.

Compare yourself with yourself and not with others.

To become better, no need to compare yourself with others because the other is not me and vice versa. We have to take a little inner journey to understand who we are and to extract our strengths and areas for improvement. These forces were not absent but very present from the beginning, from birth. They were waiting for you. So don’t wait and even if you are doing great, go get the best version of yourself that’s inside.

To achieve this, do not forbid yourself, and explore the areas that arouse your curiosity. Start things off and the verb procrastinate will become foreign to your vocabulary and your being. List all of your successes, even the ones you think are minimal.

Make peace with your past. The past builds us but it must never define us because, on the axis of time, it is no more!

Finally: think of yourself and know how to show self-empathy.

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Abdelhamid NIATI

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