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7 golden rules for perfection in management and leadership!

The human brain is made up of 85 billion neurons. It means that in any structure, the intelligence is potentially unlimited. It is still necessary that the manager stops acting as a monarch, holder of power he thinks divine and the limit of megalomania.

1. You must initiate invite to and stop ordering

Too often the newly promoted manager thinks he is a privileged person and therefore behaves like a king. The dirigible management crushes the individuals and quickly becomes counterproductive.

Imagine that you have a person on the back in the literal sense: how long will you hold before you collapse under his weight?

This is exactly what happens with a manager behind all its employees. It weighs instead of lightening and helping the flight.

2. You must leave some autonomy

Each employee has an area of ​​expertise. The neural power mentioned above should allow you to visualize the potential power of an individual. Let this power express itself to make the most of it. You must stimulate this power by giving autonomy to your employees. Yes, we speak about autonomy: a source of creativity and fulfillment.

Trust is the key to this autonomy.

3. Make positive feedback

The positive Feedback is to congratulate its employees on what is done well. You have to thank your collaborators for the positive points made and never start with the negative. In the spirit of your team, the image of the collapsing castle of the card will make sense because the negative appeared first and therefore serves as the basis for evaluation thereafter. To start with the positive one thus allows seeing a building well-built with multiple ways of improvements for the simple and good reason that the negative locks whereas the positive one opens.

4. Listen actively

5. Collective intelligence

Having common values ​​can make sense of the actions of a group or company. These shared values ​​make it possible to carry out the projects and to resist the delicate headings. They are a good parade to individualism. The union and the collective intelligence created to allow efficient work and a smooth flow of information. Values ​​federate and their absence favors the scattering of individualities.

We win a world cup with a collective and not with a sum of individualities!

6. Carpe Diem

You must live the moment to better project yourself into the future. Every day you have to learn and share this learning with your team. So you will breathe creativity permanently.

7. Creativity is the key

The key to innovation and progress of humanity is creativity. Without it, the human would never have built anything sustainable and could not get out of difficult situations. The creativity of your employees is your best asset. You must use collaborative work tools to allow each person to bring something new, to bring a new eye. So everything will move faster and better and no one will be left on the bench.

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