4 Steps to be more creative!

Abdelhamid Niati
3 min readSep 18, 2019

Creativity is not just a beautiful word but a quality that every human being has in him. Creativity must be stimulated to wake up. Create takes work, effort but above all a great pleasure, once the work is completed. Whether it's an article, a short story, a piece of music or canvas, the artist who sleeps in you will not see the time pass during the creative process. You will know what flow is, being absorbed by what you create to the point of not seeing the time spent. Here I show you how to become more creative and especially to awaken the artist that you are.

  1. Read!

Read books must be like breathing. In books, you can discover an incredible number of worlds, billions of characters of different sizes and different colors, characters created by the imagination of several writers. Read books will give you pleasure and serenity. When you read a book, you read words and your brain draws countries, trees, cities. Your mind is open and you can find ideas to create.

Here is a shortlist of my favorite books :

2. Write!

Write is difficult but not writing is impossible: Jean D’ormesson

You must write about what you like the most and your business or your job. Who more you can describe your job or your passion? You have the answer now: it’s you!

Write your goals and the way to touch them. You can write and draw your dreams to be sure of making them real.

Each morning: write some pages on your computer, your notebook or smartphone (3 pages or more)

3. watch!

Look around you: look at peoples, animals, sky, city, every detail. Each detail, each car, each animal can be a story. Please don't limit yourself. You can guess or imagine the life of the people around you. When you were a kid, you were looking for faces and animals in the clouds. The kid still inside. You just grew up. Just look the world with the same eyes. You see, there are more stories than you can expect.

4. Talk to people in creative places

It’s time for you to go to places where peoples create things, panting or business, where ideas become reals. Talk to these peoples can give you the chance to realize that :

  • You can learn and…teach your passion, your skills
  • You can start to create everything with just a word or a sentence
  • Creativity in your brain is ready to express itself

You Just have to create! So please: do it!

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