Who are you?

Abdelhamid Niati
2 min readApr 2, 2023

My heart beats fast, faster than the average according to the medical profession. It sometimes beats too quickly according to the least optimistic doctors, whose reasoning is steeped in catastrophism. According to them, I am in danger. In my opinion, I don’t know. Sometimes I feel in danger. Only from time to time, because the rest of the time, I feel safe in my padded body made to measure inside by dint of sporting activity and in constant evolution at the top according to my readings, my meetings, and times when I rediscover my other self. My other selves:

The optimist

The pessimist

The Exceptional

The resilient

The latter has the ability to bounce back after the trials.

Optimism: we will get there, we will conquer the world

The pessimist: why want to conquer the world before conquering yourself?

The exceptional: we have already conquered the world by generating replications over the course of our encounters and our passages.

After an accident, you can do anything. Behind this, everything hides what we forbid ourselves to do. Humans sometimes deprive themselves of certain things they really want. He sees obstacles on a clear road.

Where do these obstacles come from?

From us and only from us

An obstacle is a limiting belief, a fear anchored by experiences, fears passed on by loved ones, or even the possibility of a disaster. Irrational fears, because the danger is not present.

Some will object by saying: “we are being put in the way”

Respond in the following way: we allow ourselves to be put in the way. The obstacle calls for creativity and forces you to find a shortcut to reach your destination.

The pessimist sees the obstacles, while the optimist sees the opportunities. It is up to you to change your view of the world. I invite you today to combine the present looking to the future only on a positive note.

You were born to progress and not to stay put.

Surround yourself with the right people, but especially yourself. Go find your soul to connect to it. Then go get the fearless child you once were to reconnect to your strengths and your confidence. This child would say to you: “After so many years, I went from carelessness and risk to fear of the slightest creak in the gears of my desires. You have stopped dreaming when it is an integral part of your being. Move, move fast, and keep the promise we made to each other never to back down.”

The resilient has just spoken through this child who has fallen many times and got up to taste the pleasure of existence.

We are all that!

My question is: what do you really want? What’s stopping you from doing it?

Abdelhamid NIATI All rights reserved.

The optimist: of course. No need for an accident



Abdelhamid Niati

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